Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the most important innovations that are part of the digitization process. The name was given by Professor John McCarthy in 1956 and initially they tried to create a program capable of solving problems in technology, computer science and electronics, becoming a de facto scientific discipline. In the 1980s, its application began to be seen within companies, allowing it to replace processes carried out by the human mind. Up to the present day where, thanks to the use of software and databases, we have achieved a great development of artificial intelligence.

It is a system that manages to synthesize and solve the work of several people using algorithms that allow machines to perform multiple tasks.
We can distinguish AI in constructive, that is, it reproduces the activities performed by the human brain and functional, that is, it imitates its behavior.
Furthermore, there can be a further distinction between strong artificial intelligence, which uses a series of programs that use mathematical logic, language analysis and weak artificial intelligence, which consists of a technological system, capable of solving complex functions, such as the automatic translation of texts.

The peculiarity of AI is that it can recognize images, texts, connect information, analyze them and interact with humans.
Through a series of algorithms that simulate the function of the brain, called artificial neural networks, artificial intelligence through the automatic learning process can learn data automatically, without any programming, automatically correcting errors and thus becoming more and more advanced.
In the future, the use of artificial intelligence, on the one hand, will lead to new jobs and on the other, automation, will instead lead to a great loss of jobs, which will see more and more intelligent machines that will replace the man.

There has also been a great development of AI in its use in marketing Big Data make enormous use of it to study tastes, behaviours, needs and needs of consumers and offer a service or product in a personalized way, giving rise to a new type of advertising which is increasingly targeted and which gives greater sales guarantees.
We users, through the searches we do with smartphones, computers, tablets, involuntarily, offer all the data that are collected daily by companies and that will be used for marketing activities.

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