Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can be considered a part of marketing that deals with giving visibility to a company or brand on social media, digital communities and different web platforms. Social media marketing allows companies and customers to relate more equally: interaction and comments generate the so-called engagement, this allows for feedback, advice, opinions, reviews.

This is the aspect of great innovation compared to traditional marketing which instead invests the consumer with one-way communication. Social media marketing offers the consumer the opportunity to express themselves without intermediaries and companies to listen and satisfy the needs of customers, also making them participate in their projects, the so-called crowdsourcing.

The term crowdsourcing refers to a business model in which a company entrusts the design, implementation or development of a project, object or idea to an indefinite set of people not organized in a pre-existing community. This process is favoured by the tools that the web makes available and is made available through portals on the internet. This reversal of roles is a fundamental aspect in Social Media Marketing, it is a real cultural revolution that finally makes it possible to give a heart and a conscience to marketing, making it come out of rational schemes, making it more human and more prone to emotions and therefore to create a true value.

But what social media has brought about is the removal of barriers that without the new media and the internet would have been impossible to cross with this ease. Just think of the speed with which our message can potentially reach anyone in the world and anywhere. So if the actions are the same what has changed is how to spread them. And corporate communication must adapt. And companies that will be able to adapt better to these new paradigms will have a frightening advantage over their competitors, provided that they correctly interpret the new dynamics. In social media marketing, there are different types of social media, but they all have the same purpose, that is to communicate, view, share and make people as curious as possible.

Today the business card of a company is obtained through social media marketing which allows you to make known all the services or products and how to order them. Moreover, most importantly, the company obtains reviews from customers who have used it, helping other users to buy, resulting in true organic advertising, far better than a paid one. A real advertising weapon available to companies that allows you to make yourself known not only where the company headquarters is, but all over the world, allowing generating large profits with a very low spending budget if we think about what they would have instead. had to invest with traditional advertising, and with a significant economic return.

In the new business plan models, therefore, today we find the voice of social media marketing, which is one of the fundamental points for a corporate advertising strategy. Companies that already use social media for corporate communication actions recognize these tools as key roles, especially concerning the possibility of:
• increase the visibility of its products and services on the web;
• increase the number of accesses and visits to the institutional pages of the company or product;
• create communities of fans and customers around the common interest generated by the company or product;
• effectively increase the number of customer users.
To achieve these general objectives, every company must determine a winning Social Media Marketing strategy. The elements of innovation present on social media raise new questions about how a marketing and communication initiative can be effective. The effectiveness must be measured based on its ability to satisfy, on the one hand, the commercial needs of the company, and on the other, the needs expressed by those users who generate participatory communication flows by sharing contents among themselves.

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