Social Media

Over the past 10 years, social media has contributed greatly to the transformation of modern society. In particular, they have had a great impact on users, consumers and companies. More and more, social networks have given new opportunities to businesses and their marketing strategies. Among the interests shared in social networks, commercial information is emerging with arrogance.

With their interactions, it is the users who use these tools that produce information, so in this sense, they exchange opinions on purchases and look for information on brands, products and services of all kinds. It can be said that companies that want to direct their communication on the web, in addition to the classic website, must integrate company profiles on social networks. We can make a real classification of the main social media divided by different types: video, photo, blog, events, collaborative tools, wikis, audio, email, SMS, microblogs, personal social networks.

Among them then there are the most important ones for number and basin of users, number of shares, for average daily use such as Facebook (now called Meta), or Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, YouTube, Flickr, Linkedin, Pinterest. A very important aspect to take into consideration concerning the spread and increasing use of Social Media by both users and businesses is the strong growth and expansion of the mobile device market. Based on recent analysis, mobile web growth forecasts have estimated that it has surpassed desktop browsing.

Sending text messages and emails, social networking and taking photographs (these are increasingly linked to the user’s social activity) are the first four activities carried out with a smartphone. We can therefore say that the success of social media is also driven by the spread of mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets are increasingly used to access social circles as they are always available and connected to the Internet: almost all of them usually use smartphones to access social networks.

This growing use of Mobile to exploit the potential of social networks is not only an evolution in the use of the services they offer, but is opening a new horizon in the way in which users visit the web: it is with this type of website and with this method of internet connection that users fully realize the evolution from Consumer (traditional consumers) to Prosumer (author consumers) it is in this way that the social chain generated by social media becomes a chain of active consumers and producers of content on the Internet. In this chain of relationships each, consumer produces for others who in turn will have the opportunity to consume and produce for someone else by activating a series of information that spreads very quickly and virally among the users of the various social networks. All this happens even faster thanks to the use of mobile devices, just think that in recent times, a person is connected to the internet for longer through a smartphone or tablet than a personal computer.

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