The acronym NFT which means “Non-Fungible Token”, is a digital certificate that identifies all those intangible digital contents and certifies the value of authenticity, through a huge database of digital information that uniquely characterizes a given file, which cannot be modified or falsified or eliminated.

Through the certification process on the blockchain, which takes place through the work of thousands of high-performance computers, we make NFTs and their value unique, authentic and certified.

A token, that is, digital information, is entered in these registers and associated with a specific user, guaranteeing a type of right, such as ownership of a digital object. In the case of NFTs, we have non-fungible, therefore unique, and indivisible tokens.

These characteristics make NFTs suitable for representing the transfer of ownership rights of digital works of art thanks also to the ease with which they can be transferred. But, their use does not only take place for crypto art but also to certify the ownership of an object in any virtual world.

All digital content can be associated with an NFT through which its ownership and authenticity are certified, such as videos, audio clips, images, animated gifs, an Instagram post, a blog article, a meme, an emoji, a message.

They are then sold in a market where they are paid for with real money in which the authenticity, uniqueness and ownership of digital content are purchased.

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