Web 3.0

Like all technologies, the web is also undergoing a transformation process that is leading it to become web 3.0. The development is due to the change of contents and graphics from 2D to 3D. Everything is and will be managed by artificial intelligence within which there are huge databases and no more Html pages, created to respond in an even better way to the requests and needs of users who will be increasingly profiled, exploiting algorithms and arriving at a process of human interaction.

Another very important feature of web 3.0, not to be overlooked, is the fact that the applications will be running on blockchains, thus giving a fundamental role to the cryptocurrencies with an epochal change that will end the hegemony and the monopoly of current online financial management companies, and everything will go through the use of a simple digital wallet not linked to the banking circuit and easier to use without registering personal data.

All these features are born to take power out of the hands of large companies, decentralize and allow everyone to make money.
With the use of our wallet, it will also be easy to enter all applications without the use of emails and passwords, with the possibility of being anonymous or not, and everyone will be able to exchange work, information, leading to a new business model.

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