A brief history of Bread

Bread is one of the foods that we find on our table but now also outside the home. Just think of when we go to the bar to get a simple sandwich, or an aperitif where it is often served cut into small squares with butter and caviar on top, or ham and cheese and in many other ways. Think of the most famous brands that use it stuffed with burgers and salads and various sauces.

Having bread at home means being able to feed the whole family. When I was a child, my grandmother in her country house prepared it using wholemeal flour and mother yeast, with extra virgin olive oil and after letting the dough rise for several hours, she cooked it in her wood oven. This way she got real fresh bread that lasted all week. This is one of the characteristics that a good bread must have, even the day after purchase it must always be good and fragrant. The bread was then cut into many slices and served to us children soaked a little in water with the sugar on top.

Our snacks were made so simple and natural then it often happened that they were also covered with excellent spreadable chocolate or jam. Still widely used in the kitchen where the hardest part we call bread crust is made into small pieces and inserted into soups, while the soft part called crumb is mixed with the meat for burgers. It then happens that sometimes a little bread remains which becomes hard after a few days. In this case, you must first cook it in the oven and then put it in the blender until you get the breadcrumbs that are essential for some dishes in the kitchen such as meat and fried fish.

Homemade bread

To make excellent homemade bread, the most important ingredient to start with is the mother yeast. It is nothing more than a natural yeast that is formed by a set of bacteria and live lactic ferments, which gives the bread its flavour. It must always be kept in the fridge and once taken it needs about 2 – 3 hours to be used by dissolving it in warm water at room temperature. It is then necessary to use natural flour, water, salt, sugar and extra virgin olive oil. To have excellent bread, which also has protein principles, we recommend using bran inside the dough and wholemeal flour. In this way, you will have bread with many nutritional properties and which can be stored for about a week.

But let’s see in detail how to proceed…


450 grams of flour 00
300 grams of wholemeal flour
250 grams of bran
25 gr of salt
2 cubes of mother yeast
4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
1 tablespoon of sugar


Pour the yeast and sugar into a glass of water until frothy.
Add the flour and mix it with the bran, oil, salt and yeast, adding warm water to make a good dough. Knead repeatedly for at least 10 minutes, spreading the dough on the table repeatedly. Now it’s time to cover with a tea towel and let it rise for about two hours. Once the dough has grown, you have to divide it into small loaves and let it continue to rise for another hour. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees and bake for about an hour. After about 60 minutes you will finally have your genuine homemade bread


Always use natural and healthy products.

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