A brief history of Pizza

Pizza, one of the best known dishes in the world, a real heritage of Neapolitan culture, has now even been recognized by Unesco. The art of Neapolitan pizza makers was therefore recognized for its originality and for being unique and inimitable.

In fact, in Naples in 1889, in beautiful Italy, the pizza was born that was named Margherita in honor of Queen Margherita of Savoy of the Kingdom of Naples by the pizza chef Raffaele Esposito, who inserted the colors of the new Italian flag with the green of the basil, the white of the mozzarella and the red of the tomato.

To understand the secrets of the real Neapolitan pizza then you have to go to Naples. Right here you can have the best pizza in the world through first of all the quality of the products. The word pizza is often used in many pizzerias or restaurants but a pizza of excellent quality is not always given, indeed most of the time there is a very poor product in terms of taste and quality of the products used. The water and the flour and the yeast are the basis of the pizza dough and the salt.

The rising times must be long to make the pizza good and digestible. To this then we must add a real tomato and a real buffalo mozzarella and not a stringy cheese as often happens. The real pizza chef then has his own technique for rolling out the dough, you can see that he makes it fly in the air and slowly it looks like a disk that gets bigger and bigger until it is seasoned and the pizza is put in the oven to cook. Also in this case the temperature of the wood oven is of fundamental importance, which must oscillate around 400 degrees.

Once the pizza with the shovel is out of the oven, it must be sprinkled with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Observe the edges of the pizza which must be higher unlike the center of the pizza which must be lower. Here this is a true Neapolitan pizza. In Naples you can find a variant of the pizza which is called wallet pizza or pizza because it has a smaller size than the classic Neapolitan pizza and can be folded in half on itself and eaten. It is often bought by mothers as a snack for their children to eat at school, but also by those who prefer a pizza-based snack. It has a very low price and affordable for everyone and you can find it on display in shop windows on the street outside the pizzerias. It is folded and delivered wrapped in straw paper to avoid getting dirty by letting the sauce fall on it.

Unlike this, we can also find the Roman pizza which is also called the Roman Pinsa (which means flat and elongated pizza). We can say that it is the ancestor of pizza as it was already used by the ancient Romans accompanied with dishes rich in meats and sauces. Its characteristic is that of being a more cooked, crispier, thinner and more fragrant pizza. The dough is rolled out with a rolling pin and has an elongated shape compared to the Neapolitan pizza which instead has a round shape like that of a plate. This pizza is also one of the excellences of the typical dishes of Italian cuisine. Try them all and tell us your experiences.

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