The Basics of Coffee

The day in Naples in Italy cannot begin if you don’t drink a good coffee first. And yes, because it is in this city that you have to go to discover all the secrets behind a cup of coffee. First of all, you need to find the right blend, with a level of roasting, a great aroma and an excellent perfume. Then, once the beans have been chopped, they form the coffee blend. But, at this point, two other very important factors come into play, which is the water we use and also the external time. As everyone knows, water changes the level of minerals contained within it from city to city, which is why you must first understand and analyze the type of water to have a real coffee.

The weather conditions must also be evaluated, because, based on the type of humidity in the air, coffee can undergo large variations and have a different flavour. Another very important thing is the cup into which the coffee is poured. It must be hot to keep all the best flavour and is usually made of porcelain material and is taken by the handle, although I prefer the glass cup, because it reminds me of the coffee I make at home and that I can hold with the whole hand because it has no handle.

When we go to the bar and ask for a coffee it seems a simple operation and instead, there are thousands of variations to have a good one: the time, the humidity of the air, the type of blend, the strength that the barista takes to tighten the leverage, the love he puts into making coffee and as if that weren’t enough then we put our own. Now, hearing people ask for a simple cup of coffee is increasingly rare, many ask for variations and it seems that each variation corresponds to an aspect of character or mood. For example, a macchiato coffee is an indication of a person who needs pampering, while a small coffee is of a person who wants to optimize the time he takes the coffee because he has to take it, but while taking it he is already thinking about something else.

Coffee today is also recommended in the medical environment because it is good for health, in fact, it allows to reduce various chronic diseases. First of all, it contains caffeine, which is rich in antioxidant properties. In addition, it reduces fatigue, promotes energy by activating the metabolism and burning more fat. It is of great help in stimulating the nervous system and is very good for the heart by increasing blood pressure and protecting us from the risk of hypertension. And what are you waiting for to have a nice cup of coffee?

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