Our Marketing and Business Portfolios are rich and diverse. We are Geeks! Check our Projects. Our range of skills goes from Web Development, Graphic Design, Photography, the wide spectrum of all of the Digital Marketing services, Data Analysis, Writing services, Songwriting and Soundtracks writing, and much more. Our “FORTE” is Digital Marketing with proven evidence. Not only we are Engineers, but we are also Artists. Through photography and fluid arts, we create. We develop websites based on proven standards. 

Web Development for Marketing and Business Portfolio

We develop in WordPress, MVC (Model, View, Controller) frameworks such as LaravelCodeIgniter, and much more. PHP is our programming language of choice. We also build an e-commerce website using Magento, and/or our very own e-commerce and bespoke system. Your bespoke Web Design can also be implemented as a WordPress template, or as a template to be integrated into again an MVC framework.

Digital Marketing and Social Media Adventures

Digital Marketing is one of our greatest passions. Through the years we have become Masters of Organic Digital Marketing. Our Instagram profile has over 50 thousand organic subscribers. Setting up effective Google Ads is another skill in our arsenal, to achieve paid results. We embrace and carry on organic and paid Digital Marketing Strategies.

Graphic Design for Art, Marketing and Business Portfolio

We love Photoshop and Illustrator. These are the software we use to create are Graphic Arts. From Branding to Digital Arts, we can provide you with all you need to create an image for your business, and marketing campaigns.

Photography for Personal, Marketing and Business Portfolio

We are Photography fanatics. We are into every category of photography and can provide you with professional photo sessions. Photography sessions for your e-commerce website, Portrait photography, artistic photography, to Astrophotography.

Data Analysis and Data Mining for Businesses

Apart from art, we are Data Analysis geeks. We are passionate about the R LanguageGnuPlot. We manage projects. We build your business from the ground up. Advice you and walk with you. Give it a try. Take a look at our Marketing and Business Portfolios. We are STRATEGISTS!

And much more…