Web Development and Design for the Future is here, available to you, just contact us and tell us what you need.

Theboxofpreciousstones Web Development and Design Team

Web Development and Web Design are two Arts that we are passionate about. theboxofpreciousstones Development team can design and create for you the perfect website. You will have a website that is built according to the latest standards, and completely bespoke. We are happy to work with your design if you have one ready to be used, or we can propose designs to you, once we understand your personal or business needs.
We can build for you a simple website or a complex website. Theboxofpreciousstones team has many years of experience also building E-commerce websites using famous platforms such as Magento, or our very own e-commerce platform.

Planning Web Development and Design for the Future

Our team will go through a plan with you, a series of meetings if needed, and a professional project plan and design. Once we have a plan, your project starts being designed and built. Typically we build projects on our servers. Once the project is signed off, we release all the files to you, and we install the system for you, after going through intense testing sessions. After going live we keep on monitoring the system for you. We can manage the website for you, for as long as you want us to do so.

Development Platforms and languages

Theboxofpreciousstones team uses mainly PHP as a programming language. Websites for you can be built using a variety of platforms, we do love WordPress. Websites can also be built using MVC (Model, View, Controller) Frameworks like CodeIgniter, and Laravel. It all depends on your needs.

Web Design for the Future

Webdesign is mainly done using Photoshop, and Illustrator. Pretty standard. The design is decided by you unless you decide to use a pre-defined template, which could be a WordPress Template, or a Template purchased somewhere else. All the designs are created in the house through various iterations. In case we need to create the template for you, the latest CSS/HTML technologies are used, so that your design is standard and most importantly Responsive. Web Development and Design for the Future is here, for you.