About Us

Forchettasfriends is a Digital Marketing company that operates in many different industries. With over 30 years of experience in business planning and development, SEO, Social Media, E-Commerce, Web Development, Web Design, Backend Systems, and so much more, Forchettasfriends can help you grow in this new digital world, effectively and with proven evidence.

Forchettasfriends also promotes your Food and Beverage outlet and/or any kind of Food related company on our Social Media platforms. All Chefs, Managers, Sommeliers, Influencer and Bloggers are welcome to contact us for possible cooperation!

We are a team of people dedicated and passionate about Social Media, Business development and improvement, Marketing, Creativity, Photography, Accountancy, Food from all over the world, and the Arts. At forchettasfriends we understand that the global economy is based only on the web, and our strategies are based on the latest Digital Marketing Methods and principles, to allow your business to grow fast.