Commercial Arts

The Box of Precious Stones is media art.
Through the team of graphic designers, illustrators, we can create exclusive images, to be used for books, magazines, corporate packaging, television, web, multimedia design, advertising and marketing.

The commercial art service is a creative service, which allows you to create art mainly for advertising and commercial purposes and is mainly used to sell goods and services. We specialize in graphic design and bring the company to its best level of communication through Visual Branding, Publishing & Web Design, Packaging Design, Promotion & Advertising.

The The Box of Precious Stones team has photographers, able to create highly professional photographic services, with high-quality and always original photos, necessary for the development and affirmation of the corporate brand. A high-impact image is worth a thousand words.

We create photo books for social media, websites, e-commerce products, through the preparation, knowledge and use of advertising photography techniques. We also perform photographic services in the food field: Food Packaging, Digital Food Marketing, Food copywriting, Food photography and we implement Food marketing strategies.

The Box of Precious Stones creates videos for corporate promotion, product, service, brand, or presentation.
We take care of everything, from planning to shooting to editing the final video.
We can also create unique music content with songs designed to accompany the video, with our music authors. Our work then continues with the promotion of the video organically, promoting it on social media and sharing it on the internet, until it is optimized for search engines.

What We Do Best:

  • Commercial Arts
  • Photography
  • Songwriting
  • Soundtrack writing
  • Fluid Arts
  • Customized Model Kits and Dioramas
  • Video Creation and Editing